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Prep Dish Meal Plans Subscriber Spotlight: Sheila DelCharco

Apr 5, 2018 | Subscriber Spotlight | 0 comments

We are very excited to feature Prep Dish Meal Plans subscriber, Sheila DelCharco. If you are a current subscriber, you've definitely seen her face around our FB Group page and she was very active with our January 21-Day Challenge. And small world fun fact – she is friends with previous subscriber feature, Michael Ann Rentz!

Prep Dish Meal Plans Sheila DelCharco Meet Sheila!

Tell us a little bit about you… I live in Florida with my husband and 17 year old daughter. I have two other children who have flown the coop, so to speak!

Meal Planning

How long have you been a Prep Dish Meal Plans subscriber?  I joined Prep Dish in January and immediately jumped into the 21-Day Prep Dish Challenge. I was a little nervous because I can be a little bit of a picky eater and I am Italian (we love our breads & pastas!). But this was such a way to break free of our “normals” and kick start healthy eating habits.

What do you like most about using Prep Dish Meal Plans?  I love that I don't have to figure out what to cook anymore – you do the hard work for me! I also love the shopping lists!!! It's so nice that each item is listed by the corresponding meal so we can easily make any needed changes. For example, I am not a huge seafood fan, so we often swap chicken in its place. So easy peasy! Also, because the plans are so well laid out, both my husband and daughter can jump in and help with the cooking!

What does Prep Day look like at your house? I have gotten into a great routine of doing all of my grocery shopping on Mondays. I don't do all of my meal prep that day, but do get some major chunks done so the rest of the week is easier. We find we are saving so much time and have much less food waste!

Any advice for Prep Dish newbies? Just jump in and try! You really won't know how easy it is until you dive right in. And make sure to read the tips Allison shares with you in the newsletters – like clean the fridge out before shopping an get your containers ready when you start prepping.

And now for some fun….

What has been your favorite Prep Dish meal so far?  It's hard to pick just one!

Almond Butter Cherry Breakfast Cookies. We have made these so many times, that we are now making them “our own” by adding cocoa powder and cocoa nibs!

Tuna Salad made with avocado versus mayo. Love getting the good fat from the avocado and it's delish!

Lemon Parsley Pork Chops. These are on repeat at my house!

Any final words? Take a risk! Definitely try Prep Dish's free week (join our newsletter to do so!) and I promise you will be hooked!

Thank you, Sheila! We appreciate all of your time and great tips!

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