Using Time as a Foundation for New Year Goal Setting l EP#150

Dec 26, 2022 | 0 comments

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In this episode, Prep Dish founder, Allison Schaaf, shares how she’s using time as the foundation for new year goal setting in 2023.

In thinking about goals for the new year, I ask myself, where are my values? What is really important to me? These are the things I’m reflecting on and reevaluating as we head into a new year:

1. Date Night: This has become so important to me after we had kids. Knowing I have a regularly scheduled time when this can happen and getting it on the calendar has made this doable for me.

2. Movement: Again, scheduling this in at a regular time makes this easy and takes away the constant mental effort of trying to fit it in.

3. Daily Walks: I’ve built in a minimum 20 minute walk into my daily schedule  and it really energizes me.

4. Meals: I base my meal prep time on grocery pickup as we live far from the grocery store. I know that Tuesday works best for me for grocery pickup so I plan around that. I periodically reevaluate and make sure our weekly rhythm is still working for us.

5. Reading & Learning: To make more time for reading, I’ve cut back on tv time. I’ve also tried to be more flexible with fitting in more learning and growth-based reading earlier in the day.

6. Travel Planning: I want to be better about planning trips in advance and getting them on the calendar.

7. Flow of the Week: I like to reflect on my weekly rhythm and the flow of the week and make sure it’s still working for me.

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