5 Things to Prep for a Road Trip with Kids l EP#96

Sep 20, 2021 | 0 comments

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Are you looking for screen-free tips on a successful road trip with kids? Get advice on what to buy, what to pack and ideal road trip timing.

Chef, RD and mom of two kids under three shares tips and essentials for prepping for a long road trip with kids. From preparing them ahead of time to what toys and food to pack, she shares her experience from two recent road trips. A little preparation can really set you up for success when traveling with kids!

Allison’s Road Trip Tips:

  1. Signposting: Share the (detailed) plan with your kids ahead of time. Explain when you’ll get up, how long you’ll be in the car, that you’ll eat and sleep in the car and about what time you’ll arrive where you’re going. Start doing this a week or so before the trip so you can talk about it many times if your child wishes.
  2. Leave Early: This makes the first part of the trip so easy as your kids can sleep in the car. It also minimizes stops since they have fewer hours to get restless in the back seat.
  3. Bring New Toys: – Having a few new toys to pull out when your child starts getting cranky is a lifesaver! Get my recommendations in the “Resources” section below.
  4. Go to Parks: Pair your gas stops with a quick 20 minute playground stop to let the kids get out some energy. Even small towns often have excellent parks!
  5. Snacks & Meals: Pack all food to avoid extra stops. Hard boiled eggs, trail mix, crackers, avocado, tuna and sandwiches are easy and nutritious. Packing food also ensures you can use your stops to let the kids run around instead of sitting and eating.

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Resources mentioned in this podcast:

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Road Trip Toys for Small Kids:

Magnetic Drawing Board

Bendy Straws

Stretchy String Fidget Toys

Quiet Book

Road Trip Tips from Ali at Inspiralized

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