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5 Egg Free Breakfast Ideas {Paleo, Gluten Free}

What to do for breakfast? Eggs are always an easy fix. You can poach, fry, scramble or omelet them to make a hearty, delicious breakfast. The big question is, what to do when you need a little break from all the eggs especially when you're following a gluten free or paleo diet? The challenge becomes real!

We've got you covered with some of our tried and true egg free, paleo and gluten free friendly breakfasts!

  1. Tropical Green Smoothie – smoothies are always a great pick and a great way to start your day off with a good amount of veggies!
  2. Purple Haze Smoothie Bowl – sometimes you don't want to drink breakfast so this smoothie bowl is the next best thing!
  3. Chocolate & Cherry Decadence Smoothie Bowl– chocolate and cherries for breakfast? Enough said. 
  4. Sweets Beets Kale Breakfast Hash– hash makes a great hearty breakfast when you're in the mood for something savory. Just omit the poached egg!
  5. Moroccan Hash– another hash idea with wonderful moroccan spices. Once again…just omit the poached egg. 

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